Committees & Chairpersons

Hawes School and Home Association

Hawes Volunteer Committees
Thank you in advance for choosing to help the Hawes Community. Your generosity with your time and energy is much appreciated by everyone. Without your help Hawes would not be able to offer so many wonderful things to its students.

Back to School Coffee Committee
Organize and set-up the Back to School coffee on the first day of school.
Chair people:  Karen Battaglia and Lisa Faris
Beautification Committee
Coordinate and implement ways to make the school an even more inviting place both inside and out.
Chairperson: Susan Ruane and Daryl Sudol
Bingo Night Committee
Coordinate a fun-filled family evening of Bingo with various chances to win prizes. 
Chair people:  Henriett Harsanyi and Amy Waters
Book Fair Committee
Coordinate the annual Hawes Book Fair.
Chair people:  Karen Battaglia and Jenn Tozzi
Care Committee
Help those families who are in need of support while going through a difficult time.  Organize the program and volunteer list, set-up carpools,
cook a dinner, etc.
Chairperson:  Beth Karan 
Club Committee 
Act as a liaison between Hawes and extracurricular clubs. Work on introducing interesting afterschool programs to Hawes students. 
Chairperson:  Olga Shefter
Community Outreach Committee
Represent Hawes School at the district's Community Outreach meetings. Report meeting highlights to the HSA Board.
Chairperson:  Laura McGrath
Development Committee 
Coordinate all off-site fundraising efforts on behalf of Hawes.  
Chairperson:  Deena Atlas and Sue Molloy
Directory Committee
Produce the Hawes Student Directory. 
Chairperson:  Marianne Griffith
Drama Club
Lights! Camera! Action! Liaise with Backyard Players Theater Group to produce a Hawes Drama Club performance by 3rd, 4th and 5th grade actors and actresses.  
Chairperson:  Lauren Rosenfeld
Environmental Committee
Incorporate environmental awareness and a recycling program throughout Hawes.
Chairperson:  Olga Smilon
Family Picnic Committee
Organize the end of the year picnic at Hawes. Coordinate food/refreshments and entertainment for this event.
Chairperson:  Erin Higgins and Kirsten Walsh
Field Day Committee
Organize a fun-filled day in June, which includes a morning outside playing games. 
Chairperson:  Christie Fitzgerald
Fifth Grade Memory Book Committee
Create the "memory book" for the 5th grade.  
Chairpeople:  Susan Ruane, Razia Husain, Punam Katiyar, Jill Lesiak, Rose Mary McCotter, Vivian Paliotta, Janine Perez, Lauren Rosenfeld and Nina Yolodicheva
Fifth Grade Activity Committee
Organize the fifth grade end of the year Memory Book Party and the fifth grade breakfast. Coordinate fundraisers, such as the monthly ice-cream day, to raise money for these events.
Chairperson:  Rose Mary McCotter
Treasurers: Hayley Gluck and Valerie Auyeung

First Friends Committee
Coordinate Hawes parents to act as liaisons with new Hawes parents to help their families get acclimated to the events and happenings at Hawes.
Chairperson: Svetla Sands
Fourth of July 2017 Parade Float Committee
Be a part of the award-winning design and construction team for the
Hawes float.
Chairperson:  Erin Marrazzo
Friends of Music Liaison 
Act as a liaison between Hawes and the Friends of Music, which supports Ridgewood school music programs and teachers.   
Chairperson:  Barbara Angiolino
Friends of Ridgewood Library Liaison
Act as liaison between the Ridgewood Library and Hawes School. Coordinate Hawes participation in the Reading Marathon.
Chairpeople:  Valerie Auyeung and Laura McGrath
Garage Sale Committee
Coordinate Hawes annual garage sale in the Spring.
Chairpeople:  Liza Carney and Maggie Saladino
Gardening Committee 
Coordinate gardening and planting around Hawes school grounds.
Chairpeople: Liza Carney, Susan Ruane and John Pisnanont
Gift Boutique Committee
Coordinate annual holiday boutique sale for Hawes students. 
Chairpeople:  Susan Ruane, Chris Kaufman and Lisa Faris
Gradeparent Coordinators
Coordinate all the grade parents.  Grade parents act as classroom liaisons by coordinating volunteers for fun events for their class and aiding their teachers as needed.
Chairpeople:  Sheri Haug, Patricia Stappenbeck (LSHSA) and Erin Yates
Grocery Give Back Program Committee
Our BIGGEST and EASIEST Fundraiser! Organize and promote selling grocery cards. Find volunteers to collect orders and deliver grocery cards.  
Chairperson:  Olga Burton and Monica Skibo
Halloween Bash Committee
A "spooktacular" event for the entire family! Help organize the entertainment, decorations and food for this awesome "Monster Bash".
Chairpeople:  Paola Shaddow, Annmarie Loffredo, Erin Marrazzo, Laura Benner and Damir Penava
Hawes Under The Stars Committee
A fun-filled evening for Hawes families...welcoming new ones and reconnecting with the old ones.
Chairperson:  Dana Feeney and Cara Lane
Haunted House Committee
A "spooktacular" event for the entire family! Transform the music room into a haunted house.
Chairpeople:  Chris Kaufman and Jill Kaye
Health & Safety Committee
Attend quarterly meetings concerning local health and safety issues in our schools.  Report findings and information to the HSA Board. 
Chairperson:  Doug Olson and Ana Masseria
International Fair Committee
Plan the annual celebration and sharing of our international heritage and diverse cultures. Coordinate the daytime fair during which students learn about different countries followed by the evening festivities, which include a fashion show, food tasting and talent show.
Chairpeople:  Miho Grant, Reem Iqbal, Aruksha Patel, Hyobin Kim, Annmarie Loffredo and Erin Marrazzo
Kid's Night Committee
Organize dress rehearsals, gather music and prepare the program for the Hawes talent show.  
Chairpeople:  Sonia Aoun and Reem Iqbal 
5th Grade Chairpeople: Reem Iqbal and Chris Kaufman

Kid's Stuff Sale Committee
Organize the sale of the Kid's Stuff coupon books in the Fall. 
Chairpeople:  Deena Atlas and Jill Kaye
Ladies' Night Out Committee
Mark your calendars for Ladies Night Out Spring 2017. This fundraiser needs volunteers to solicit prizes, wrap baskets, send out invitations, organize ticket sales/tables, set-up on the day of the event, transport baskets to the event, organize basket runners at the event, and much more. Please come out and make this a spectacular
fundraising event for Hawes.  
Chairpeople:  Annmarie Loffredo, Erin Marrazzo and Jill Powers
Learning Service Home & School Association Representatives (LSHSA)
Act as a liaison between the Special Education Community and the District Special Programs Staff.  
Representative: Patricia Stappenbeck
Library Committee 
Coordinate the scheduling of library volunteers. Volunteers are needed to reshelve books and check-out books during school hours. 
Chairperson:  Erin Yates
Mix and Mingle Committee
Coordinate a fun-filled adult evening out in downtown Ridgewood.
Chairpeople:  Crystal and Chris Kaufman
Money-for-Nothing Committees: HSA Treasurers oversee Amazon Smiles
 Box Tops for Education Chairperson: Aimee Park
Regent Cleaners Program Chairpeople: Summer Foerch and Diane Michaelson
Photo Day Committee
Prepare and tallying orders.  Help photographer on Photo Day.
Chairpeople:  Toni Munsod, Daryl Sudol and Kelly Westdijk
Plant Sale Committee
Organize the sale of plants as a fundraising event that requires order taking, tallying and distribution. Volunteers
are needed to distribute the plants.
Chairpeople: Lisa Faris, Terry Shore and Jenn Tozzi
Public Relations Committee
Responsible for contacting the local news media to publicize Hawes events and taking photos at Hawes events.
Chairperson:  Summer Foerch
Ridgewood Schools Advocacy Committee
Act as liaison between the Ridgewood Advocacy Committee and Hawes to increase parental awareness of legislation that effects our children's education. Report findings to the HSA Board.
Chairperson:  Susan Ruane 
School Supplies Program Committee
Coordinate pre-orders of school supplies.
Chairpeople: Denise Scott, Colleen Tansey and Jenn Tozzi
Scooper Night Committee
Coordinate a delicious night of ice cream at Ben & Jerry's scooped out by Hawes staff. 
Chairpeople:  Reem Iqbal and Tanya Lesser
Sportswear Committee
Organize HAWES logo sportswear sale.
Chairperson: Barbara Angiolino
Super "Bowl" Night Committee 
Coordinate a family evening of bowling, with prizes and a lot of fun for the whole family.
Chairpeople: Olga Burton, Lauren Rosenfeld and Jenn Tozzi
Teacher Appreciation Committee
Plan and implement teacher appreciation week. 
Chairpeople: Summer Foerch and Diane Michaelson
TIC-TOC Committee
Help To Introduce Culture To Our Children by becoming an Art Docent.  Organize Art Docents to present art in
classrooms and display art around Hawes.
Chairpeople:  Maggie Saladino and Anastasia Sirotkin

Usborne Card Sale Committee
Organize card fundraiser.
Chairpeople:  Erin Mack, Lisa Faris, Kerry Olson and Deb Ryen

Last Updated: 9/6/16